Guide to debt-based finance

What is the ProVen Estate Planning Service (PEPS)?

The ProVen Estate Planning Service invests in private trading companies expected to qualify for Business Relief. Investments into businesses that qualify for Business Relief may be exempt from inheritance tax (providing certain criteria is met, such as the investment being held for at least two years).

Building upon an existing track-record and portfolio, the trading companies within the ProVen Estate Planning Service today manage assets of more than £90m.

What is the investment strategy for the PEPS?

PEPS invests in trading companies focused on two sectors:

Lending: These companies provide secured loans to SMEs that are backed by assets, or which have predictable revenue streams.

Solar: These companies own or operate solar projects in the U.K.

*We believe both sectors can provide a degree of capital preservation and a predictable level of growth for investors, and we only invest in companies based in the UK.

Who manages the service?

PEPS is managed by Beringea, and it builds on the firm’s 20-year track-record managing the ProVen VCTs. The service is led by a team of investors at Beringea with decades of experience lending to SMEs.

To help manage the Service’s activities in renewables and solar, Beringea is also working with Armstrong Capital, a specialist developer and manager of U.K. solar businesses. Armstrong has facilitated the development and construction of more than £300m of U.K. solar projects since 2013.

What are your target returns?

*The PEPS targets an annual net return of 4%-5% (after charges).

How do I find out more?

For more information, please call us on 020 7485 7820 or email

Please remember:

  • Capital is at risk when you invest, and past performance is no guarantee of future results
  • UK tax rules and regulations relating to inheritance tax are subject to change and such changes may be retrospective. Tax treatment is also dependent on personal circumstances.

*This is a target and not a guarantee.